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Fasting menu at DOM №10


Spring is calling for renewals. In the fasting menu, our chef George Sharuev tells a harmonious and meaningful story involving vegetables, cereals, beans, herbs, mushrooms and seaweed: local, exotic, fresh, cooked, fermented ...

Slightly smoky taste of baked eggplant emphasizes the freshness of tomatoes and crispy arugula, and green chili pepperiness is balanced by the creaminess of tahini.

Tahini is in tune with baked cauliflower, which we serve with spicy pumpkin seeds and green buckwheat popcorn.

Beans and nuts are an important part of the fasting menu, they are usually revealed in tikka masala with baked sweet potatoes, zucchini, chickpeas, edamame beans and fresh coriander leaves and broccolini tempura with kale chips and nut sauce.

A fresh approach to ice cream is almond milk sherbet ice cream based on dried fruits and nuts. With vegetarian vanilla-soy ice cream we serve pear marinated in syrup of spruce cones with tarragon.

We cook dishes of fasting menu between 15 March and 1 May.

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