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Chanterelle mushrooms and berries: seasonal menu at DOM №10


Seasonal products mean clean taste and healthier foods. Not surprisingly, our chef George Sharuev loves to cook them and always looks for the best. In July, he hunts chanterelle mushrooms. In addition to fragrant wild mushrooms, the summer menu includes young vegetables, crispy salads and aromatic herbs, ripe garden and wild berries.

Taste your favorite classic dish in two options – chanterelle mushrooms fried with new potatoes in herbs. In the first option, the chef combined them with baked veal tenderloin and creamy mushroom sauce. In the second option, he emphasized the vivid taste of mushrooms with aged pecorino sheep cheese.

Parmesan, which matches chanterelle mushrooms, meets them in risotto. The taste for which you can fly to Trentino, you will now find in Podil. And you will see that chanterelle mushrooms are an ideal company for Zander baked with young cabbage in a creamy sauce.

An indisputable hit of the summer are juicy Beefsteak tomatoes. Taste them with ricotta, anchovies, red onions, green oil and basil. Other summer herbs include young spinach, arugula, cool mint, which play a symphony of flavors with shrimp, grapefruit and chili sauce.

For dessert we offer the most useful created by nature: wild berries, which we serve with your favorite sorbet or gelato.

Make time to taste while the season lasts.

See you at 10, Spaska St