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Fasting menu


From 27.02.-15.04. Let's taste the song menu from DOM №10 together:

  • Baked root vegetable vinaigrette with barrel cucumber, white beans, pumpkin oil and pickled mushrooms;
  • Greek salad with tofu, basil and green butter;
  • Green salad with young spinach, fresh mint and grapefruit under chili sauce with/or without shrimp;
  • Salad with octopus, Kalamata olives, boiled potatoes and vegetables;
  • Ukrainian borscht with porcini mushrooms; 
  • Pumpkin soup with spicy seeds and shrimp and/or without;
  • Risotto with porcini mushroom puree and truffle oil; 
  • Broccoli with walnut espuma, almond and garlic flakes, quinoa popcorn and chili sauce;
  • Strudel with cherry, walnuts and coconut ice cream; 
  • Dumplings with cherries and honey;
  • Sorbets and ice cream of our own production: Mango / Lemon / Coconut;