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Elegant wedding at DOM №10


Just as a big dream begins with the fruition of a small wish, so your own fairy tale with the length of a happy life can begin with a magical wedding in the European style. Arrange it at DOM №10!

We would like to invite you to a picturesque historical part of Podil: Spaska Street. Our restaurant is located in a building that is a unique architectural monument of Kyiv of the XIX century. For 200 years in a row, the walls of this house preserve the love story of the sculptor and paintress who lived here with their children. Now DOM №10 can be a great location to celebrate your love.

The creators of DOM №10 managed to carefully restore the building and preserve the historical details. Original wooden beams, vintage furniture and handmade decor by Ukrainian masters harmoniously fit into the refined modern interior.

For your wedding, you can choose one of the halls named after the rooms of a house. In the spacious bright living room with classic sculptures and antique decor it will be comfortable to hold a banquet for 35 or a buffet for 50 persons. In a cozy greenhouse with fresh flowers and an ancient garden depicted in the frescoes on the walls it will be possible to arrange an intimate party at a common table for 16 or a buffet for 25 guests. The large workshop decorated with sketches by sculptors and a collection of decor will be a great location for a wedding for 20 persons.

Our menu includes recipes from different countries in the modern interpretation of the chef, and the large enoteca stores rare collectible and popular wines of the Old and New World. So, you can choose for a  big day exactly the menu that you have always dreamed of.

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10, Spaska Street