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Сhanterelle season


Dear guests! We are happy to announce the opening of chanterelle season in DOM#10 from July 14, 2023! We invite you to a real gastronomic journey, where the incredible taste of summer forests reigns.

We have prepared a multifaceted menu for you, which includes a variety of dishes to satisfy all our guests:

1. Filet mignon with chanterelles;
2. Veal carpaccio with chanterelles, truffle-ricotta and arugula;
3. Risotto with chanterelles and parmesan;
4. Chanterelle cream soup;
5. Fried young potatoes with chanterelles and pecorino;
6. Fried chanterelles;

Visit DOM#10 and get an unforgettable experience.
Reserve your table today to enjoy the taste of summer.
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